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I remember that back in the mid-1990s, the global gaming community saw a war among the major gaming consoles and at the turn of the millennium, there were two clear winners, namely Microsoft with its Xbox and Sony with its PlayStation series of consoles. Nintendo was a distant third once it released the Wii in November, 2006. As long as I have been playing video games, even if it were on the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis back during my grade school and middle school days, I always enjoyed playing Super Mario with my friends or Mortal Kombat against them. However this always meant that I would actually have to be in the same room as my buds to play with or against them, which was not always convenient. I remember many gaming giants, including SEGA and Nintendo tried to create an online solution. I was actually one of the 250,000 odd subscribers for the Sega Channel, which ultimately proved to be a colossal disappointment. Things started looking better when Microsoft released Xbox Live in 2002, which was one-upped by Sony when they released the PlayStation Network (PSN) in 2006.

What is PSN?

PSN started as an online meeting place for gamers on the PS console to play with or against other individuals located anywhere in the globe. I not only use it to school noobs and posers in Call of Duty and Gran Turismo, I also watch game reviews, stream music and even watch movies on the PSN when I want to give my thumbs a break. However, the ethos of PSN is to support and connect gamers and it does that really well. Some of the features that I absolutely adore are:

  • Extensive management of the friend list: Allows me to have up to two thousand friends on my list. It has an Instant Messaging feature that not only allows me to check and see who is available for a match, but also allows me to gloat after I execute a killer headshot!
  • Thorough online platform: Besides the obvious feature of letting me compete against my friends, I love the share play feature, which allows me to bring on a friend of mine to experience a game he has not purchased yet!
  • Parental controls: So that my kid sister does not see what she is not supposed to.

Cost of Free PSN Codes : 

One of the main reasons why PSN trumps Xbox live is that accessing the PSN is absolutely free. All you have to do is create a username and password and you would be good to go! Accessing the content on the PSN is however, a different proposition altogether. Some stuff like game demos or non-premium wall-papers and themes are available for free. However, the downloadable contents (DLCs) are usually available for a price. A typical add-on to an existing game (such as Harley Quinn’s Revenge for Batman Arkham City) is available for US$9.99, whereas some full games such as Grand Theft Auto V can cost you almost US$40. So what do I do if I see something that I really like? Just cough up the cash right? Wrong!

Introducing the PSN Code Generator:

I came across this website that claims to have cracked the algorithm that PlayStation uses to create the PSN Codes that you purchase online or at your local CVS or Walmart. If this sounds too good to be true, then you are not alone, as I thought so as well! However, this website did not ask me for a credit card or my Paypal account or anything, just the email address that I have registered with Playstation. I typed it in, selected my preferred denomination (I selected $20; they give you the option of $10, $20 or $50) and clicked on generate. Once the code was generated, it was revealed partially. I had to take a quick test to prove that I was human (they want to make absolutely sure that no one deploys bots to exploit their system) and then the entire code was revealed! Now, I got a bit greedy and tried to get a code for $50. It worked for it too! I could not believe my eyes! I quickly logged into my PSN, typed in the code and within seconds I saw that my account was credited $50. I gaped at the screen for about five minutes in shocked disbelief. Within minutes I redeemed the $20 code as well!

Why I love this PSN Generator?

It has turned my passion for gaming into an addiction and I love every moment of it. Even though my love for this nifty tool is pretty obvious, I have still summarized the object of my affection into the following key points:

  • Ease of use: Type, click and click. That is all you need to do to unlock a PSN Code. Can’t get any easier than that!
  • Get it from your browser: There is nothing to download! There is no catch! The guys behind this website are gamers who want others in the community who are struggling a bit financially to enjoy the latest games. That is the only end gamethat I am aware of!
  • Guaranteed uptime: From the time I discovered this site I was able to access it and generate PSN codes every single time I needed to.

Still don’t believe me? Why don’t you try it out for yourself? Again, let me remind you that you do not risk anything because they never ask for your credit card number or any other confidential financial information. I can attest to the fact that it really works and I have not bought a PSN Code since I discovered this tool. Try it today and making payments for expensive new games or DLCs will be a distant memory!